This game was made in less than 72 hours for the Ludum Dare Jam 40

You're a robber and you want some MONEY. But the more you take, the worse is the getaway.

You just robbed a bank and need to deliver the money to your van (parked in the opposite side of the city for some reason)


  •  Platformer controls;
  •  Pick up and drop money bags any time, changing dinamically the difficulty;
  • Money counts as life AND as score;
  • Rob civilians;
  • AI police that shoots;
  • Random spawn of police car, dog and helicopter (and sometimes Robbin Hood) they spawn more if you have more bags;
  • Hide behind bushes, trash cans, mail boxes and stuff;
  • Hidden treasures for extra money and extra bags (yeah LAVA LAMP);
  • Timer turns on if you pick up the diamond;
  • Helicopter picks up your dropped bags on rooftops;
  • Score saved locally (if you make it to the end);

Difficulties when you pick up money bags:

  • 1 Bag:   Nothing Extra;
  • 2 Bags: Can't "wall jump";
  • 3 Bags: More guards spawn;
  • 4 Bags: Can't double jump;
  • 5 Bags: Can't hide behind small objects, money bag might fall whenwalking on a wire;
  • 6 Bags: Become slow;
  • 7 Bags: Fbi police spawns and run from behind you;


  • Danilo Pereira
  • Giovanna Albiero Salles
  • Gustavo Haschich
  • Malu Becker

Extra info, credits and stuff:
We are Game Development students from Brazil with about 17 years old each. We made the Game made using Unity 2017.2.0f3, Magicka Voxel by ephtracy, Inkscape and Gimp. We are thanking Sebastian League for making some movement scripts avaliable, that we used as a base for ours.


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Solid game concept. I like the idea of your loot/stolen goods literally and physically effecting your ability to escape. My only issue was that the difficulty depending on how much loot you have scales pretty drastically. The moment you lose the double jump you essentially are playing the game on max difficulty. Might be nice if you have some time to tweak things that you have some more gradual punishments based on how much stuff you have.